Holiday by cafe velodome

Ever wonder is there a place where East really meets West, past meets present, bicycle meets Tuk Tuk, and coffee meets mango frappe'?

Welcome to holiday by cafe velodome. Where one's daily life could be other's discovery.

Bangkok's old town is a hidden gem.

Bangkok's old town is a hidden gem. Although the heat, the traffic, and sometimes rain, could be a challenge, the experience gain is worth the efforts almost always.

Keep exploring, while we promised to keep you refresh!

Let us welcome you today

Holiday by Cafe velodome and Once again hostel are sharing the same mission. To carry the best of Bangkok forward, create open communities that values conversation which everyone can involved.


Our coffee were meant to be just simple as delicious, and our definition for delicious is complexity without complications.

  • Piccolo Latte

    75 Baht

  • Cappuccino

    75 Baht

  • Very Smooth Mango

    125 Baht

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At Cafe’ Velodome, many of our recipes evolves from what we enjoy since we were children, and yet still viable as today’s favourites.

  • Velo Carbonara

    145 Baht

  • Chicken Holiday on rice

    130 Baht

  • Pumpkin Holiday

    115 Baht

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Our bakery and cakes are freshly made everyday, all of the ingredients are best selected by our chef

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